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  • BMC type 918, Fabricator El Lobo Cycles
  • S&S Sidewinder 98 cubic inches engine
  • S&S Shorty carb
  • Martin Bros pipes
  • BMC frame  with rake: 38 with 4 degrees in the triple trees,  stretch: 2 up, 2 out
  • Front 21” and rear 16” – 250 wheels
  • OMP calipers with floating rotor

This bike is located in the Netherlands with a dutch registration tag and title. If you are located in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium, contact us for more info on shipping, transferring the registration and so forth.

1 in stock



This bike looks fast standing still and howls through it’s Martin Bros pipes when you challenge its 98 cubic inch S&S Sidewinder. It’ll stand out in the crowd of black bikes. Not for sissy-boys, although it comes with two sissy-bars, high and low. So you decide the look.

We bought a pallet o’ parts and put together this beauty of a bike. The core of the bike is 2005 BMC Choppers, but modified to be different. The 98 CI S&S Sidewinder (upgraded from 88 CI), Penz rear-fender, 250 rear tire, Martin Bros pipes mean business. Jan Wielinga from Marum (see our links) put down some outstanding paint, and Trevor from Maldon Shot Blasting and Powder Coating made sure the frame and al major components can take a beating with a fresh powder coat. We had the fork Stanchions re-chromed (hardplate), which will last you a life-time. All in all, a bike ready for you and the Ol’ Lady to enjoy this summer.


Maker: BMC – El Lobo Cycles
Type: 918 BMC
Fabricator: El Lobo Cycles


Type: S&S Sidewinder
Size: 98 cubic inches
Carb: S&S Shorty
Ignition: Single Fire Ignition Coil
Exhaust: Martin Bros


Type: HD


Type: BMC
Rake: 38 with 4 degrees in the triple trees
Stretch: 2 up, 2 out
Swingarm: Hardtail
Forks: Showa +6

Wheels, Tires and Brakes

Wheels: front 21” , rear 16” – 250
Tires: Avon Roadrunner 90/90-H21 (front) and Avon Venom-r 250/40-R18 (rear)
Brakes: OMP calipers with floating rotor


Powder Coat: CTC Powder Coat – Maldon UK
Paint: Jan Wielinga
Color(s): Blue and White
Graphics: Jan Wielinga


Bars: K&N Speed Bars, 2’ Up
Hand Controls: Performance Machines
Headlights: Head Winds
Indicators: MCS
Taillight: J&P
Electrical: HI-4 Crane Cams and Pollak ignition
Fuel Tank: BMC
Oil Tank: BMC
Rear Fender: Penz – Modified
Pegs: OMP
Foot Controls: OMP
Seat: Modified Corbin
Sissy-Bars: El Lobo Cycles

The bike has a fresh dutch registration and is located in the Netherlands. All of our bikes come with a legitimate and fully legal RDW registration, so no funny business!


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