Our Import Process

Our procedure is simple and transparent. We buy bikes we think are cool or can become cool with a little help. There are 3 distinct stages they go through, and you as a customer can decide when you want to become involved. The bikes on our site will state which stage they are at and what their current price is. You can decide to get involved right then an there, which means the reflected price is what you pay. But let’s say the bike is still in the US, you live in the UK or the Netherlands, and do not want all the hassle of getting this bike inspected (DMV, RDW), taxed and titled (kentekenbewijs), but want to make sure the bike is yours once we have gotten this all sorted ….. you can. Just find the tab on the corresponding bike page and you will see what the bike will cost you.

Stage 1 – US

Stage 1 - US

Because this is not our first rodeo, we know where and how to get the right bike for the right price. All the bikes we buy go through a thorough screening process before we buy it. After it is purchased, it will be transported to the port of choice (New York, Houston, Miami, LA) by one of our trusted and insured local transport companies. The bike will be shipped to Europe in a secured and closed container. If you want to get involved at this stage, you can choose the destination port, but if we do not have a customer just yet, Felixstowe (UK) is the port of EU entry.

Stage 2 – UK

Stage 2 - UK

This hurdle, which involves paying taxed-duties (preferably the least amount possible), and a decent amount of paperwork to get the bike officially imported into the EU. For a bike to be registered, it will need to comply with the local requirements. US specs are different from EU specs. You can decide to get involved before a bike is taxed, inspected and titled or after all of this is done. The later will cost you more, but then you have a bike that is ready to hit the open road. Each bike that we offer though our website has these price reflected on their respective pages.

Stage 3 – NL

Stage 3 - NL

Bikes that don’t sell within 6 weeks of their arrival in the UK are taken to the Netherlands. Again, you can decide to get involved before a bike is taxed, inspected and titled or after all of this is done.

Fly & Drive package

Fly & Drive

Have you seen a bike in the US you would like to buy yourself? You may even want to ride it there before it gets shipped? But you want to minimize the risk of buying a lemon, don’t know how to get insured, set up wire transfers, arrange local transportation and need guidance on the import process? Drop us a line. For a nominal fee we consult on these matters, but you always stay in control.