Welcome to CustomTwin

Our mission

It is our mission to have more kick-ass custom choppers, bobbers and Harleys tearing up the roads in Europe. We achieve this by building, customizing and  importing cool motorcycles.
@CustomTwin it’s possible to design a bike that’s built entirely to your own style and wishes. Together we explore how we can realize your dreambike. This can be based on an existing bike that we customize, or a ground up.
On the basis of consultation and examples, together we create an image in which the use of color, material and parts becomes clear. This image also serves as a starting point for the build of your beautiful, personal and exclusive bike. The possibilities are endless.
For customizing and building your bike we use parts that we make ourselves or adjust manually, whereby quality is paramount. This way you’ll get a bike that’s  certainly exclusive on many fronts and is a real head turner.
The bikes we import are already chopped or modified, but otherwise we will take care of this. They all have pedigree!
All our bikes are delivered fully serviced, including a 3-month warranty.